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Comprehensive background verification services that can be customized to any requirement for any industry. Every business has a different purpose for verification and compliance, and hence we offer tailor-made solutions for your unique background check needs.


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How Does Face Match Verification API Work?

This technology that allows software applications to verify the identity of individuals by comparing their facial features with a pre-existing image or video. It uses computer vision algorithms to analyze and compare facial features such as distance between the eyes, nose shape, and lip curvature, to determine whether two faces belong to the same person.

Process of face match verification?

The process of face match verification typically involves the following steps:- Image capture, Face detection, Face encoding, Comparison.

How To Integrate Face Match Verification API

It is important to note that integrating a face match verification API can be a complex process, and may require expertise in software development, computer vision, and machine learning. If you do not have the necessary skills in-house, consider hiring a consultant or a third-party service provider to help you integrate the API into your application.

What types of images can be used for verification?

The API usually supports, various image formats, but requirements for resolution and image clarity can be vary.
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