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What Is Face Match API Solution?

Using Face match API systems for certain institutions and entities to verify their customer’ credibility is a safe and efficient practice.

Invincible Ocean Face Match API

It compares two faces and determines if it belongs to the same person. This is needed while verifying the identities of customers to know if they are who they claim to be. Our API does this verification with reliability and ease helping you determine the legitimacy of the customer while preventing any fraudulent activities.

What IS OVDs And Its Important

Using Face match API systems for certain institutions and entities to verify their customer’ credibility is a safe and efficient practice. All we require for this process are images or videos of the customer obtained in real-time and the scans of valid OVDs(Officially Valid documents).

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How Does Face Match Verification API Work?

Face match verification API is a technology that allows software applications to verify the identity of individuals by comparing their facial features with a pre-existing image or video. It uses computer vision algorithms to analyze and compare facial features such as distance between the eyes, nose shape, and lip curvature, to determine whether two faces belong to the same person.

Process of face match verification?

The process of face match verification typically involves the following steps: Image capture: The user provides a photo or a video of their face, which is captured using a device such as a smartphone, webcam, or digital camera. Face detection: The API detects the face in the image or video and extracts its key features, such as the location of the eyes, nose, mouth, and other facial landmarks. Face encoding: The API converts the facial features into a unique set of numerical values that can be used to compare with other faces. Comparison: The API compares the encoded face with a pre-existing image or video, such as a passport photo or a driver's license photo. If the two images match, the API confirms the identity of the user.

How To Integrate Face Match Verification API

It is important to note that integrating a face match verification API can be a complex process, and may require expertise in software development, computer vision, and machine learning. If you do not have the necessary skills in-house, consider hiring a consultant or a third-party service provider to help you integrate the API into your application.
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