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Introducing our PAN Plus API:

Pan Plus


This API should be used to get the live as well as cached details of PAN

Example Request (Curl):-

curl –location ‘’ \
–header ‘clientId: {{clientId}}’ \
–header ‘secretKey: {{secretKey}}’ \
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’ \
–data ‘{
“panNumber”: “BXMPA9842C”

clientId – {{clientId}}
secretKey – {{secretKey}
Content-Type – application/json

Standard Error codes:

  • Success (200) – Billing Code
  • Invalid Data (400) – Non Billing Code
  • Invalid Client Id and Secret Key (401) – Non Billing Code
  • Forbidden (403) – Non Billing Code
  • Data Not Found (404) – Billing Code
  • Internal Server Error(500) – Non Billing

Example Response:-

“code”: 200,
“result”: {
“PAN”: “BXMPA9842C”,
“DOB_VERIFIED”: false,
“DOB_CHECK”: false,
“DOB”: “1996-06-05”,
“GENDER”: “M”,
“IDENTITY_TYPE”: “Individual”,
“MOBILE_NO”: “9540468437”,
“PINCODE”: “471625”,


  • panNumber


  • name
  • number
  • type_of_holder
  • first_name
  • middle_name
  • last_name
  • title
  • last_updated_on

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I use the PAN Plus API for?

The PAN Plus API enables you to verify the authenticity of PAN numbers, retrieve details such as the holder's name, address, and PAN status, and perform real-time PAN validation.

How does the PAN Plus API work?

The API accepts a PAN number as input and queries official tax databases to verify and retrieve associated information. It then provides a response containing the requested details.

How secure is the API?

API providers implement security measures such as encryption (HTTPS) to ensure secure data transmission. Data privacy and protection are key considerations for PAN-related information.

What happens if PAN validation fails?

Failed PAN validation indicates that the provided PAN number may be incorrect or invalid. Users should be prompted to verify the information and take necessary actions.
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